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Murder Mystery Express - The Last Connection

Our ever popular Murder Mystery Trains put you at the heart of a thrilling case. Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal paired together with the excitement of cracking a mysterious case. Unleash your inner Sherlock on this unforgettable dining experience!

The Last Connection

Four random passengers take a trip on the railway. However, they may not be as random as they seem for a deadly secret, ties them together and one has just bought a return ticket for nothing. Has Betty Kuddant taken a fatal dare? Has Jockie Klubb ridden roughshod over the wrong person? Is Annette Kirton hiding something terrible? Or has Pastor Kidneys caught the wrong service? Luckily D.I. Bauls is on the same train and will assist you to make the right connection.

Our delicious menu includes:


Choice Of Mains:

Served with Chef's selection of Seasonal Vegetables

Choice of Desserts:

Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Truffles

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