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Murder Mystery Express - A Fayre Day to Die

Our ever popular Murder Mystery Trains put you at the heart of a thrilling case. Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal paired together with the excitement of cracking a mysterious case. Unleash your inner Sherlock on this unforgettable dining experience!

A Fayre Day To Die

It’s 1949 and the Thymely over Actin village show is being held for the first time in a decade where there are accolades galore for the various winners. As the train pulls in packed with excited fayre-goers and judges, it appears that someone has their eye on a much bigger prize – murder! Special guest and head judge, Lady Rose Garden has been found dead in her private compartment. But who is the culprit? It’s known that 3 people have recently crossed paths with the victim so could it be one of them? Has keen baker, Charity Cayse suffered a soggy bottom? Is flower arranger Marion Hayste too keen to blossom? Or has champion vegetable grower, Hugh Mungus taken a leek too far? The case is afoot, and D.I. Archie Bauls is on hand to lead you to the ultimate prize – Best Detective!

Our delicious menu includes:


Choice Of Mains:

Served with Chef's selection of Seasonal Vegetables

Choice Of Desserts:

Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Truffles

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